Conspiracy Theory

Things Can Always Get Dumber

Written by SK Ashby

Although former Attorney General William Barr and his immediate successor Jeffrey Rosen did not allow the Justice Department to pick a side in Trump's litigious attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, it's not because Trump's most unhinged flying monkeys didn't try.

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee investigating what role if any the Trump government had in trying to overturn the results have released emails that show Trump's underlings were making some of the most ridiculous claims they possibly could to justify a formal intervention.

One official hand-selected by Trump himself, Jeffrey Clark, reportedly told former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen that the department should intervene in Georgia because China used home thermostats to change votes.

In a recently released email from December 2020, Clark wrote to his superiors including acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen and his deputy, Richard Donoghue, and asked them to look into "foreign election interference issues".

Clark claimed that hackers had evidence that "a Dominion machine accessed the Internet through a smart thermostat with a net connection trail leading back to China."

A little less the three years from now, Republican voters are going to step into primary voting booths and they very well could vote to send the biggest idiots in the entire world back to Washington.

But they are voting for a Republican, after all, so maybe that goes without saying even if it's not Trump. The next GOP nominee will emulate him.