Election 2008

This Could Have Cost the Election

Testimony from the trial of John Edwards is making a bad situation look even worse.

The ex-aide said that he complained to Edwards' campaign finance chairman Fred Baron about hiding Hunter, but was rebuffed because the campaign hoped Edwards would be tabbed as a vice presidential candidate for the 2008 Democratic ticket. "[Baron] told me I needed to stay focused on the job at hand," Young said. "He told me to take a deep breath. Do the best I can." Baron, he said, "wanted us to try and hold on until the Democratic National Convention." [...]

On Tuesday, Young told the court he was instructed by Edwards to approach Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, the widow of banking heir Paul Mellon, "and ask for a noncampaign expense, something that would benefit him."

Young said he used the money from Mellon to rent Hunter a house for $2,700 a month and bought her a BMW at Edwards' direction.

My opinion of John Edwards is quickly going from contemptuous to revulsion.

The existence of a mistress alone would have be enough to cost the election had he been selected for vice president, but he also continued to spend lavishly on her while coveting the position.

As if no one would ever find out, and without any regard for the damage he could do.