This is Gonna Be Good

Written by SK Ashby

New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman is reportedly writing and producing a mini-series based on the life and career of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Notably, the mini-series is being co-produced by the director of Spotlight, which also happens to be a film about sexual predators.

Sherman and his wife and fact-checker, Jennifer Stahl, will co-create the series with Blumhouse Television, the production house owned by horror film producer Jason Blum. (Blumhouse Television notably was behind the Emmy Award-winning HBO miniseries, The Jinx.) Tom McCarthy, who wrote and directed the Academy-Award-winning film "Spotlight," will executive produce the series, which will be based on Sherman’s reporting and on his best-selling book about Ailes, "The Loudest Voice in the Room."

Sherman has done excellent, award-worthy reporting on the numerous accusations against Roger Ailes and his departure from Fox News. He first reported many of the details of the harassment and assault allegations against Ailes, including the tale of Ailes allegedly blackmailing an employee with video of her dancing for him and asking others to twirl in his office.

In addition to simply being an excellent, fascinating series, this will also further expose the moral bankruptcy of the right wing that has depended on Fox News for confirmation bias for more than a decade.

If you haven't seen Spotlight, I highly recommend it. It's currently available on Netflix.