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This is How We Live Now

Written by SK Ashby

The Gulfport, Mississippi SWAT team and other officers recently surrounded a local Wal-Mart after receiving reports of two men who appeared to be preparing to open fire on customers.

While the men loaded and prepared a shotgun in the middle of the store, shoppers fled to a safe-room and dialed 9-11, but the two men apparently didn't commit any crimes under state law.

According to authorities, the two men walked into the Walmart on Highway 49 around 8 p.m. Witnesses said the man holding the shotgun was actively loading and racking the firearm. Walmart does not have a policy about guns inside its stores.

[Police Chief] Papania said his department's resources were stretched thin while officers and the SWAT team responded to this situation. [...] “Gun laws should be such that it provides us security. As we look at this fact pattern, do you feel safer?”

As the chief of police also pointed out, loading your shotgun in the middle of a public place could invite preemptive action by a so-called Good Guy With a Gun. The chief described this possible scenario as a violent "misunderstanding."

Why does the chief of police hate freedumb? It's a god-given right to make yourself a target and endanger the lives of those around you by loading up in the fucking checkout aisle.

The two men also visited a Winn Dixie and Krispy Kreme with their shotguns, but they still didn't break any laws because 'Merika.