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This Week's Daily Banter Mail Bag!

It's a gigantic sack of mail this week, and Chez, Ben and I responded with a gigantic sack of answers. The questions:

Hi guys, love the mailbag! Checking in every Friday! My question: Do you think Obama's announcement on his support for gay marriage was political? It came just after NC voted to ban it, so I think it was clearly timed for effect. Maybe I'm being cynical.... Stephen

Great answers from last week fellas (on Gingrich's career). Random question: What do you think is going to happen with Keith Olbermann? Will we ever see him back on TV? By all accounts he was a major pain in the ass to work with, but damn, he was a great presenter. Maybe he could do his own podcast so that he doesn't have to actually work with anyone physically? I love Rachel Maddow and Eliot Spitzer actually does some good stuff, but none of them compare to Keith at his best. Donald

Can we get rid of Joe Biden please? This guy seriously can't keep his mouth shut. Seriously, what does he actually do other than say stupid stuff that makes the President look silly. Why don't they trade him out for another VP, that way Obama could have an X factor in the election and cancel out Romney's announcement. What do you think? James

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