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This Week's Daily Banter Mail Bag

The Mail Bag is posted. As always, Chez, Ben and I answer your questions about politics and the media.

The questions for this week:

Would you agree that the media establishment should be forced to co-sign a blanket apology to their viewers, readers, listeners, for having withstood the relentless promotion and coddling of the Republican primary process (dozens of debates, countless million$ spent, shameful disregard for truth) and the obvious attempt to legitimize these otherwise ridiculously divisive candidates in the eyes of the American public?
- Anon

Hi Guys, What do you think is up with Jon Stewart? He's been trying too hard for a while now to push the inane both sides are equally bad meme, but his show has become nearly unwatchable. Doing a "comedy" bit with O'Reilly last night? Sure, pan the apparent ridiculousness of the GSA boondoggle, but cozy up with that vile spewer of hate? Then run a segment on how stupid the President's email campaign can be? Sure the begging can get tiring. So hit unsubscribe and go back to covering the right-wing war on women and actual freedoms. And the night before he's arguing to a former Bushco lawyer that President Obama caved on campaign promises and the fucking bush guy is defending the President.
- Keith Burgess

Hi guys, loving the mailbag! Wanted to hear your thoughts on Santorum's exit from the race. I know the guy is a nut, but he was at least an honest nut. Mitt Romney on the other hand is a complete fraud and basically bought the election. I'm strangely sad Santorum lost.