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This Week's Gigantic Mail Bag

Ben, Chez and I answered another steaming pile of reader mail over at The Daily Banter. This week's Qs:

1. Hillary Rosen makes a true statement about the cluelessness of a millionare woman that guaranteed 24 hour news coverage villificating the truth teller. Racist assaults on Michelle Obama began when there were just rumors that Senator Obama would declare his presidential candidacy back in 2007 and continue to this day. From taken out of context remarks, racist cartoons and e-mails, there has been a continous attack of racist caricatures, slurs, digs, vicious and defamatory statements directed against Mrs. Obama by right wing talk show hosts, blogs, websites, teabaggers and politicians. The usual cannard of uppity, or angry black woman, chewbacca to name a few. Then we have WI congressman Jim Sensenbrenner who called Mrs. Obama a hypocrite for leading the Let’s Move campaign because she supposedly has a “large posterior.” And speaker of the KS state house Mike O’Neal, who forwarded a vicious cartoon likening Mrs. Obama to the Grinch and calling her “Mrs. YoMama.”The deafening silence from the excuses across the media, from both republican and Democratic politicians and from public liberals/progressives that attacks against a strong, educated, beautiiful black women is insignificant. Even if that woman is the First Lady of the United States. Why is that?

2. How much of an effect do you think the economy will have in the election? It's pretty bad now, but Obama is still ahead in the polls against Romney (I believe). If it gets worse, do you think that Obama can still win? How?

3. I don't get how any of you guys can seriously put any faith in Obama. How many times does he have to sell the country out to the banks and corporations for us to give up on him? Of course Romney is worse, but Obama is still a sell out and a stooge. Did you read about the JOBS act? What an unbelievable joke that was - a bill that literally encourages fraud. Yet Obama hailed it as some kind of victory. I'm done with him.

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