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This Week's Mail Bag is Open

Chez, Ben and I slow-jammed this week's Mail Bag at The Daily Banter. The Qs this week:

1. Generally speaking, why is the right wing so obtuse on the environment? They deny climate change, discredit sustainable energy technology (the next industrial revolution) while promoting archaic and dirty energy technology (the ill effects too numerous to list), insist that pristine areas be submitted to oil production- hardly a true conservative(by definition) position, and want to annihilate the EPA. This is to name only a few features of their bizarre, self-destructive stance. Why has the environment become an enemy of the right? They need it as much as…well, everyone. -Drew

2. I read Ben Cohen's piece on how Obama can beat Romney despite the economy with interest. I can't get my head around the fact that the Republicans can screw up the economy, stop the Democrats from fixing it, then get elected. when the Dems lost Congress in 2010, I felt like moving to Canada. It blows my mind that we can be that stupid. I'm not sure what I'll do it Romney wins. Is everything lost if he beats Obama? How do the dems come back from that? -Ben James

3. Now it's clear Romney is the nominee how does he erase all the crazy Right wing stuff he's been saying for the past 6 months? He's left an extensive track record of inflammatory statements that will alienate the center and make women run for the hills. Has he not heard of youtube? -Jeff