President Obama

This Happens To Every Administration

...But compare the relative smoothness and humble tone exhibited by the Obama administration over the Daschle and Richardson withdrawals with the ridiculousness and insanity of the Bush administration during the Harriet Miers and Bernard Kerik withdrawals.

Sirius Left talk host Lynn Samuels, who's probably the only PUMA with a radio show, said yesterday that the Obama administration so far is "f-cking everything up" and that the Bush administration never had a problem with vetting cabinet members. Yeah. Well, in addition to Kerik and Miers who both withdrew in disgrace, there were hugely contested confirmation battles over Gonzales, Chertoff, Roberts, Alito and Rice.

Adding... Drudge's screamer headline today is "IT'S A CIRCUS" with a photo of the president with Tom Daschle. How many different charges against Kerik were there? There was the Taser thing, the mob thing, the illegal immigrant nanny thing, the sexual harassment thing, and on and on. That was a circus.

And also... There's Linda Chavez, too, who Bush nominated for Labor Secretary. She withdrew her nomination over an illegal immigrant thing, if I recall correctly.