The Media

This Is Insane

This ABC town hall meeting Sunday morningrepresents a new low for the corporate media -- especially ABC which ought to be on everyone's shit list in the first place.

Clinton alone. Hosted by former Clinton Communications Director George Stephanopoulos. Just 48 hours before the polls open in Indiana and North Carolina.

An executive at a rival network mocked, "We look forward to ABC holding the next town hall meeting with President Bush, hosted by Karl Rove!"

But this ABC thing is far worse. President Bush isn't participating in an election on Tuesday.

What we're seeing here should be obvious... The Clinton Machine is trying to steal this election from Senator Obama, with all the vigor and style of the Bush-Rove Republicans. The consequences will be a McCain victory in November and another Clinton run in 2012.

[Corrected: I originally reported that the town hall was being held in prime time. It's not. It's taking place during ABC's This Week.]