This Week in Islamophobia

I don't usually resort to the Fox News Channel practice of singling out noncombatants like teachers, but come on.

A Texas high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave following an incident where he allegedly told a 9th grade Muslim girl in his algebra class "I bet that you're grieving" on Monday following the death of Osama bin Laden.

According to one parent at Clear Brook High School in Houston who spoke about the incident to a local ABC affiliate, the teacher also said, "I heard about your uncle's death."

The parent said the student "understood that he was referring about Osama bin Laden being killed and was racially profiling her."

I just realized that both this story and the "This Week in Misogyny" post below come to us from the great state of Texas. Oh, Texas. You're so redneckishly awful (Austin excluded).