White House

This week in Washington: 2 big events


Confirmation hearings begin this week for torturer and sketch comedian Alberto Gonzales. Be sure to write to your congressman and senator and ask him or her to stand in opposition to Gonzales and his penchant for ignoring the Geneva Accords. We just left a despotic Attorney General behind. Let's not have another.

Drudge is blasting Democrats for apparently wanting show some of the torture video at the hearings. But clearly the hearings are a good place for Gonzales to answer for those images.

Don't forget to sign the petition.


Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Congress will ratify the final electoral college vote count. Congressman John Conyers and a coalition of House Democrats are planning on contesting the tally, as you've seen happen before in "Fahrenheit 9/11". He just needs a senator.

Even if, as a Democrat, you believe the election was a clear Bush win, we need to use this opportunity to protest the incompetence and evil of this administration. Nothing should come easily for Bush. Nothing. We have to stand against him.