Those High Fructose Corn Syrup Commercials

You may have seen the new ads on cable promoting high fructose corn syrup. The commercials suggest that there's no difference between sugar and HFCS. Of course there are significant differences, including the fact that HFCS is processed and chemically altered, and HFCS "forces the liver to kick more fat out into the bloodstream." So the commercials are being less than honest.

But the most suspicious aspect of this campaign is the lobbyist group behind it. According to SourceWatch, the Center for Consumer Freedom, formerly the Guest Choice Network, has been engaged in promoting such excellent "choices" as payday loans (and their 200-400 percent interest rates), Big Tobacco and more lenient drunk driving laws.

Everything that is generally regarded as bad for you, CCF has been involved in trying to convince you that it's not bad for you. Obesity, mercury in fish, trans-fat, and so forth. So it won't come as a surprise that the group was launched with funding entirely from the health nuts at Phillip Morris.

Don't believe a damn thing you hear in these commercials. CCF is very, very bad.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow last week: