Harold Ickes apparently floated the idea that the pledged delegates can legally switch candidates. Nice. Oliver warns the Clinton campaign not to try to steal the pledged delegates:

Here's the deal: if they try to pull this and any delegates actually follow along, they've destroyed the party and given the fall election to John McCain. Diehard loyal Democrats like myself will not accept this brand of thuggery and as a result - no matter our heartfelt desire to see a Democrat in the White House - will tell the party to go take a flying leap off a pier. If she wants to be the nominee, she needs to win the delegates. If she wins the delegates legitimately, then she's the nominee and she will be supported. But if the Clinton campaign becomes an echo of the 2000 Bush campaign she'll join John Kerry, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale.

I've done a lot of yelling recently about the fear mongering and how, because of it, I couldn't bring myself to support Senator Clinton if she somehow weaseled her way to the nomination. I might still vote for her, but I certainly wouldn't make the effort to campaign for her on the blogs, on the ground or elsewhere. But should the Clintons attempt to steal away pledged delegates... well, then... I would be much more inclined to agree with Oliver about the flying leap thing.