Tinfoil Hats On The Way

Surprise! Widespread fraud in today's Russian elections. And our NSC thinks it's time to investigate:

White House National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe referred to the allegations of violations and said: "We urge Russian authorities to investigate these claims."

But not here. To investigate fraud here is the work of kooky conspiracy theorists. Does the following passage sound familiar?

Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov said his lawyers would need a week to prepare their legal challenge. "These results are not fair. We intend to challenge them in the Supreme Court," he said. [...]

"I have been in politics for 20 years and these are the most dishonest elections in the history of modern Russia. Putin won with the help of cynicism (and) lies," [opposition party leader Boris Nemtsov] said.

But head of the Central Election Commission, Vladimir Churov, a former colleague of Putin who was appointed election chief this year, dismissed the opposition allegations.

Thankfully, our elections are perfect and investigations are unnecessary. Woo!