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To Be Clear, Washington Lawmaker Says His Anti-Trans Bill is All About Penises

As we've been over many times before, gender cannot and should not be reduced to a binary of genitals when reality is so much more complex than that, but that is exactly what Washington state Representative Graham Hunt (R) hopes to accomplish.

In his own words, and very specifically, state Rep. Graham Hunt is afraid of the presence of penises attached to what he believes are the wrong bodies. Hunt has introduced a bill that would allow any public or private entity to ban transgender people from their facilities if they have a penis when they aren't suppose to have a penis as determined by that entity.

I’ve tried to make this about genitalia,” Hunt admitted to the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal. “If you don’t have the parts… if you don’t have the plumbing, then you don’t go in.

In an interview earlier this month, Hunt made clear he sees male genitals as a “security concern” in and of themselves. “If you’re non-operative or pre-operative, having access to a facility that is different from the genitalia that you have, that’s where the security concerns come in.

And who will inspect their bodies?

State Representative Hunt has seemingly discounted the existence of pre-operative transgender men or he does not consider them to be a threat because they don't have a penis. By extension, he also apparently believes that persons who have a penis are automatically a "security concern." Underlying all of this is an implication that only persons with male genitalia are capable of sexual abuse or assault. There are plenty of male victims of abuse who would tell you otherwise if society gave them space to do so.

In short, Washington state Representative Graham Hunt (R) has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

As it stands, the only people in America who seem to be hyper-focused on genitals and transgender bodies are straight, white, conservative male lawmakers. What's wrong with them? Are they the real security concern?

If you asked me I'd say state lawmakers who want to scrutinize and monitor the genitalia of your children are a security concern.