Epic Fail

Todd Akin is Talking About Rape Again

Disgraced former congressman Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin is certain that Bill Clinton is a rapist and he’s upset because Politico wouldn’t publish his accusation that Clinton is a “credibly accused rapist.”

via TPM

In one paragraph of its story, Politico described how Akin says he wishes Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had addressed the controversy surrounding Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments at the 2012 GOP convention. It reads in the Politico piece: “[Bill Clinton] is giving the keynote speech at the Democratic convention in two weeks, and you want me to denounce a decent, God-fearing man for his inelegant comments about rape? No, not happening, and if the truth hurts, put some ice on it.”

Those brackets apparently eliminated Akin’s description of Clinton as “a credibly accused rapist,” according to his WND op-ed. Akin went on to recount previously reported sexual assault allegations against the former president.

“As I explain in the book, rape is a horrible crime,” he wrote. “I have zero sympathy for those who commit it. For this reason, had I been in Congress in 1998, I would have voted with my colleagues to impeach President Bill Clinton.”

From this we can infer that the supposed victims of Bill Clinton were legitimately raped, right?

I’ll show myself out.