Together Again

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Jimmy Margulies)

In other news, the now Democratically-controlled House Intelligence Committee has voted to send all of the transcripts from private interviews the committee conducted last year under GOP leadership to special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Meanwhile, China has blasted a WTO complaint filed by Trump's trade representative by saying the complaint is based on United States law, not the laws of international trade China agreed to at the WTO.

Finally, city officials in Nogales, Arizona are not happy the Trump regime is deploying more razor wire in their city. And who can blame them? Look at this stupid shit:

NOGALES, Ariz. (AP) — Officials in a small Arizona border city are decrying the installation of new razor wire that now covers the entirety of a tall border wall through downtown.

The city council in Nogales, which sits on the border with Nogales, Mexico, is set to consider a proclamation Wednesday night condemning the use of concertina wire. It follows reports that U.S. military troops installed more horizontal layers of the wire along the downtown border fence over the weekend.


What the fuck is that?

You know, after looking at this photo, it occurred to me -- just because service members have been ordered to deploy another 150 miles of wire does not necessarily mean all of it will be deployed horizontally or end-to-end. There's six-fucking-layers of wire in that photo, or seven if you count the sides.