Tom Brokaw is Worthless

Here's Brokaw on Meet the Press saying the deficit "happened on [Obama's] watch":

This is an abortion of the facts.

First, as I've been screaming about for months, the president has reduced the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars from what he inherited from the Bush administration.

Second, I've had it with the impotent Meet the Press crowd continuously repeating common wisdom or "what the American people think" as if it was fact. For fuck sake, people, report on the facts as they exist instead of the fiction that people and polls believe to be true. Just because people think the deficit is skyrocketing doesn't make it so! It's your responsibility to inform them of reality!

President Obama has CUT THE DEFICIT. Full stop.

As of 2013, the deficit will have been reduced by $300 billion from Bush's final deficit of $1.2 triilion -- $500 billion if you include the full 2009 $1.4 trillion deficit.

Report that, Tom Brokaw, if, in fact, you have any balls and aren't caving to the nonsensical agitprop of the far-right "liberal media" horseshit. Report the truth for once. Just because the president hasn't eliminated the deficit from the clusterfuck that Bush handed to him doesn't mean he needs to "account for it." Jesus H. Christ.

Meet the Press is poisonous.