Stupid Party Terrorism

Tom Cotton Continues to Make Shit Up


Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton (R-AK), the man who says President Obama “hijacked” the farm bill and turned it into a “food stamp bill,” now says that ISIS has collaborated with Mexican drug cartels and they may be poised to attack Arkansas.

COTTON: “Groups like the Islamic State collaborate with drug cartels in Mexico who have clearly shown they’re willing to expand outside the drug trade into human trafficking, and potentially even terrorism. They could infiltrate our defenseless southern border and attack us right here in places like Arkansas. This is an urgent problem. And it’s time we got serious about it. And I’ll be serious about it in the United States Senate.”

I’m just guessing but, if ISIS actually were planning to attack the United States, I imagine Arkansas would be somewhere in the bottom 10 out of 50 on the priority target list.

There is no evidence that ISIS is operating inside Mexico, a country with a population that is 82 percent Catholic, and it’s not clear where Tom Cotton receives his information from.

It’s likely he simply yanked the information out of his ass just as he did when he claimed that President Obama added “$1 trillion of new food stamp spending” to the farm bill; a hilariously-wrong accusation. The latest farm bill, as you probably recall, actually cut food stamp spending over the next 10 years.

Another possible explanation is that Tom Cotton is a studious consumer of the conservative entertainment complex and he gets his information from Hate Radio and Fox News. Mainstream Republicans have been talking up the non-existent ISIS/immigration/border connection for weeks and they’ve come just shy of recommending that you purchase plastic sheeting and duct tape.

I suppose it’s also possible that Cotton receives his clandestine information from secret border control agent Steve King.