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Tom Cotton is Just Making Shit Up, is a Confirmed Yokel

Remember the ridiculous ad produced the Tom Cotton campaign in which he accused the president of “hijacking” the farm bill to make it a “food stamp bill?”

Virtually everyone under the sun recognized that it was a bullshit claim and stated as such, but the Cotton campaign says they’re going to increase the ad buy.

“We’ve gotten such great feedback from farmers, taxpayers, and supporters that we’re actually going to increase the size of the ad buy,” said David Ray, a spokesman for the Cotton campaign.

Tom Cotton’s personal defense of the ad is nonsensical.

I don’t think liberal reporters who call themselves fact checkers spent much time growing up on a farm in Yell County growing up with Len Cotton, so I think I know a little bill more [sic] about farming than they do,” he said. [...]

“So we don’t have a farm bill, we have a food-stamp bill,” Cotton said. “And, it is 80 percent food-stamp spending and nearly $1 trillion of new food stamp spending. That’s how we got a $17 trillion debt, and that’s the kind of thing I went to Washington to try to stop.”

Many people would be delighted to hear that the president personally added “$1 trillion of new food stamp spending” to the farm bill, but unfortunately that is an utterly ridiculous fantasy.

The farm bill actually cut spending on food stamps over the next decade and spending on food stamps has virtually nothing to do with the national debt relative to other polices, but it’s clear Tom Cotton doesn’t care what the truth is.

Or perhaps I should say only Tom Cotton knows what the truth is. He grew up on a farm so he clearly understands legislation better than anyone else does.

It’s an established fact that unless you grew up on a farm, you have no grasp of the words contained in agricultural legislation. Unless you grew up on a farm, you are incapable of knowing the true meaning or purpose of the farm bill. Unless you grew up on a farm, the farm bill is an indecipherable to you as hieroglyphics. So says Tom Cotton.