Code Pink Super Stupid Terrorism

Tom DeLay is Even More Confused Than Scott Brown

Picard and Riker Facepalm

While Scott Brown says President Obama should have targeted ISIS on our southern border with Mexico rather than overseas, former GOP leader Tom DeLay says the president has refused to take action because he’s secretly a member of Code Pink.

I can’t even type that with a straight face.

“The president ought to wear a pink t-shirt because he is an anti-war president,” he said, referring to the group Code Pink. “We have an anti-war secretary of state, we have an anti-war secretary of defense so everybody is a little anxious about what is to come. The president has realized that something has to be done, now he’s going to do as little as possible.”

To be fair, DeLay said this last week so he couldn’t have known about the actions the administration took last night in Syria, however the president initiated strikes against ISIS in Iraq nearly a month ago. American forces carried out over 160 air strikes before Congress voted on a measure to support Syrian rebels last week.

And, you know, Code Pink uses virtually every opportunity they have to heckle the administration.

I have a hunch that Code Pink would dispute the idea that the president is one of them.