Iraq Torture

Torturers 'punished' with new contracts

Two U.S. civilian contracting firms implicated in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal have been fired. That's what I'd write if we lived under a truly legal and moral administration. But actually, the Pentagon just awarded CACI a $16 million contract renewal while Titan is getting $164 million.

Steven Stefanowicz from CACI International has been accused of ordering general abuses, while Titan's John Israel has been charged with perjury and Adel Nakhla from Titan has been accused of raping an Iraqi boy.

And we're renewing their contracts.

The Guardian UK Observer:

It was also alleged that CACI interrogators used dogs to scare prisoners, placed detainees in unauthorised 'stress positions' and encouraged soldiers to abuse prisoners. Titan employees, it has been alleged, hit detainees and stood by while soldiers physically abused prisoners.

Imagine you're a Jihad leader who is already predisposed to hate America. Next, imagine that you've read in the papers that the American taxpayers are financing torture contracts to the tune of millions. Now ask yourself: Why do the Jihadists hate us? We pay taxes, those taxes are used to finance torture. In the eyes of the insurgents in Iraq and Jihadists abroad, who's going to be lumped in with the guilty? Sleep tight.