Election 2012

Toss Up in Michigan, Etc…

Who the hell knows anymore?

According to Nate Silver's projections, Michigan is a dead on tie. Both Romney and Santorum are tied at 37.6 percent.

But no matter how this tilts, it's a win for Santorum because this should've been an easy victory for Romney since it's, you know, his home state (before Massachusetts).

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich continues to be a total dick. In this video he talks about how a transvestite accosted him during the 1984 DNC in San Francisco. But that's not the offensive part. Earlier, he's asked about his dog-whistle catchphrase "San Francisco values" and tries to pass it off as simply "ultra-liberal." It's not. When Gingrich says "San Francisco values" he means "gay."