Trickle Down

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Steve Greenberg)

In other news, House Republicans voted to pass the final version of the tax bill today, but there's still problems with it so they're going to have to vote again tomorrow. Dipshits.

Meanwhile, control of the Virginia House of Delegates has been flipped by literally one (1) single vote. An official recount has given the lead to Democrat Shelly Simonds over Republican incumbent David Yancey. If certified, this would effectively give control of the House to Democrats because the Democratic lieutenant governor would become the tie-breaker.

Finally, the private relations firm hired by EPA administrator Scott Pruitt to spy on employees and manage the media has has withdrawn from the contract. Thanks to MotherJones for exposing it.

We're two days away from a possible government shutdown, if anyone still cares. I'm undecided.

Here's a palate cleanser:

  • Badgerite

    I think Kurt Eichenwald has it about right.
    “It took 7 yrs for disaster of Reagan’s 1982 S&L dereg to turn up. Costs $500 billion, industry disappeared.
    It took 10 yrs for disaster from 1998 repeal of Glass Steagal to turn up. Cost trillions, banks collapsed.
    I give it about 10 yrs max before this bill wrecks America.”
    Sounds about right.

  • In Virginia, the Lt. Gov. breaks ties in the State Senate. There is no tiebreaking provision for the VIrginia House. So this will be very interesting . . .

    • JMAshby

      Thanks for the clarification.

  • muselet

    Shout it from the rooftops, folks:



    • swift_4

      I don’t know why Democrats need to be constantly reminded of this.

      • muselet

        A fair point. I tell people that if they don’t vote, they don’t get to complain about the results of elections; often the reaction is a blank stare.


  • Christopher Foxx

    Ohmegerd! Obama wished everyone Merry Christmas!

    I swear Fox News said that was against the law now, what with the war on it and everything.

  • Aynwrong

    The GOP is so pathologically obsessed with tax cuts that one could be forgiven for assuming that the one governmental function they could not only successfully pass would be a tax cut bill but that they could do it blindfolded, underwater, in the dark. But this isn’t your daddy’s (or even your older sibling’s) GOP. I’m not convinced anyone of these dimwits couldn’t find their own ass if they used both hands.

    Congratulations Virginia.

    Journalism is indispensable to protecting democracy. If those who threaten it can’t be prosecuted, they can exposed and shamed. Well done, Mother Jones.