Immigration Super Stupid

Troops Ordered to Deploy Wire On Border Might Have to Remove It

Written by SK Ashby

Active-duty service members deployed to our southern border under Operation Political Stunt have fulfilled their primary mission of stringing miles of barbed wire along sections of the border.

Now what? What's going to happen to all that dangerous wire?

It appears that no one knows for sure, but it's possible the same service members who were asked to deploy the wire for no substantiated reason will also be asked to remove it.

The Washington Post reports that locals along the border including business owners and city officials are demanding to know when the wire in their parking lots and public spaces is going to be removed.

They welded the wire to 20-foot fences in Arizona, strung it on the sunny beaches of San Diego, and tied some to the fences in Brownsville, Tex., that separate the winding Rio Grande from parking lots for stores like Ross and Dollar General. [...]

The wire has been installed in some areas where security measures meet civilian life. And it also has raised concerns about wildlife, which can become ensnared in the wire’s sharp teeth.

In Laredo, Tex., concertina was strung in Tres Laredos Park, drawing lamentations from some city officials. A Border Patrol chief, Greg Burwell, told the city council on Monday that when the wire is no longer needed, the Border Patrol will ask the U.S. military to remove it, according to the Laredo Morning Times.

Troops ordered to spend their Thanksgiving and Christmas in muddy tents on the border could be asked to remove the wire they just deployed, but it's also possible they won't be asked to remove the wire when it's "no longer needed" because it's not needed today. It never was.

Service members have deployed wire along small sections of the border in Texas and Arizona, but migrant caravans are traveling a thousand miles west to a legal port of entry on the border of Tijuana near the Pacific Ocean.

You know, we document a lot of very stupid things here, but this takes the cake. It's so fucking dumb. The Trump regime is run by quacks who got their credentials from a Cracker Jack box. They've been rendered functionally brain-dead by their racism; no longer able to critically think about virtually anything.

They deployed troops to the wrong part of the border. They deployed barbed wire along empty stretches of dirt and roads where no one was crossing. They've dug in to prepare for the onslaught of "large groups of migrants" who "might rush the border at once" as if what you see on Fox News is indicative of real life.

Every single thing about this is stupid.

This is a side note, but the reason why migrants are traveling west to Tijuana rather than directly north to the border of Texas is because that part of Mexico is controlled by cartels who prey on migrants from Central America. If anyone in the Trump regime had ever read a book or at least consulted with someone who has, they might know that.