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Trump Admits He Shared Classified Info After Staff Denials

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The Washington Post, Buzzfeed News, and the New York Times each reported last night that Trump blurted out highly classified information during his oval office meeting with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister.

Fake news, right?

Trump's communications staff and even members of his cabinet denied the story last night, but they were all thrown under the bus this morning. Again.

This is the second time within the span of a week that Trump's staff has fallen on their swords for a man who will inevitably embarrass them the following day.

Trump's staff initially said he fired FBI Director James Comey because the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended it, but Trump himself later admitted that he fired Comey because he wouldn't pledge loyalty to him or drop the investigation of Trump's campaign.

In regards to Trump's explanation for his actions, it should be noted that Russia is not actually fighting ISIS. Russia's involvement in Syria has been limited to backing the Assad regime's fight against Syrian rebels and political opponents who Assad began violently cracking down on six years ago precipitating a civil war.

Trump doesn't even know what the word "humanitarian" means.

A senior European intelligence official tells The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.

The official said Tuesday that doing so “could be a risk for our sources.”

The official spoke only on condition that neither he nor his country be identified, because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

  • muselet

    Juan Cole makes a convincing case today that Donald Trump is probably not a Russian spy, but is rather something else:

    Donald Trump is a braggart. He grabs a piece of information the way a crow grabs paste jewellery. Unlike the crow who will likely hoard it, Trump passes it around for all to see.

    Greg Miller and Greg Jaffe at WaPo got the story. Trump was bragging to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak and a whole gaggle of Russian reporters from outlets like RT and Sputnik (the US press was excluded, apparently for being the worst people in the world).

    We have the best intelligence, he said.

    Then he told the story of how we know from an ally who has a spy inside ISIL (ISIS, Daesh) in a particular city, and who discovered that ISIL has an evil plot.


    He wasn’t deliberately leaking.

    He cannot understand the concept of classified information or the consequences of revealing sources and methods.

    [link omitted]

    Trump throws his defenders under the proverbial because he has to be seen as being In Charge. His ego will not allow him to be seen as manipulated by others or caught up in events beyond his control or—perish the thought!—making an mistake.That is a dangerous trait in a national leader.

    This. Is. Not. Normal.


    • Kitty Smith

      I understand that, on the other hand I tuned out when he went about Snowden and the Deep State.

      • muselet

        As I said in the hover-text to the link, Cole has a higher opinion of Snowden than I do. He’s still well worth reading, in my opinion.


  • ninjaf

    Why does it matter that the meeting was “openly scheduled”? Is he saying that he wasn’t doing anything nefarious because it was on his public schedule? Which then begs the question, “What exactly is he doing in his ‘hidden’ meetings?”

  • Aynwrong

    Nothing, not even this, will ever convince Trump’s army of meat head supporters that he really is the incompetent, scatterbrained boob that non Fox watchers can easily recognize him as. The brainwashing runs too deep.

    The Republicans in congress depend on these same morons for their paychecks and their ability to serve the Koch Bros, the Mercer family and other members of the R donor class. Trump can commit no crime or outrage that can break this cynical partnership.

    The villagers with the torches & pitchforks who successfully stormed the castle are now only loyal to Frankenstein’s monster.

    I worry for my country.

  • Scopedog
  • Badgerite
  • Turns out the info came from Israel so there might actually be some fallout for the US on this. There will definitely be fallout for the assets whose lives are now in jeopardy. Yet another instance of Herr Hair’s stupidity getting people killed.

  • Badgerite

    It’s like the Trump Monster is positively boasting to the public that he can meet with his Russian intelligence handlers in the Oval Office and pass on code worded secret intel and “hearby” but the country at risk and there isn’t a God Damned thing that anyone can do about it. Puppet! Putin owns him.

    • ninjaf

      Until the Republicans in Congress grow a spine, he is right. No one can do a thing to him for it.

      • Badgerite

        The Invertebrate Party, grow a spine? I doubt it.