Donald Trump

Trump Begged Nancy Pelosi For Mercy

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump has dismissed his impending impeachment by saying it's just another fake news witch hunt, or whatever, but before he said that he was awfully worried about it.

NBC News reported yesterday evening that Trump personally called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and asked her if there was something he could give her that would prevent impeachment.

“Don’t know what specifically set up the call, but we do know that there was a call between the two and in the call Donald Trump used language that we’ve heard him use before,” [MSNBC reporter Heidi Przybyla] said.

“The president actually said to Nancy Pelosi, ‘Hey, can we do something about this whistleblower complaint? Can we work something out?'” Przybyla told Melber, based on he conversations with sources in Pelosi’s office.

“And [Pelosi] said, ‘Yes, you can tell your people to obey the law,'” Przybyla recounted. “So she quickly swatted that down and made it clear that it is full steam ahead” on impeachment.

CNN reports that Trump was beside himself after Pelosi's announcement.

New York(CNN) - President Donald Trump was incredulous Tuesday as he sat in Trump Tower and watched House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announce she was launching a formal impeachment inquiry against him, sources familiar with the moment say. Sitting in the same building where he launched his long shot presidential campaign four years ago, Trump said he couldn't believe it, he later told people. [...]

After Pelosi's historic announcement, Trump immediately began lashing out, accusing Democrats of distracting from his successes at the United Nations General Assembly and arguing it was just "more breaking news Witch Hunt garbage."

But people close to him said he is not welcoming this impeachment fight. The President who keeps a careful watch on his approval numbers was unhappy.

The Big Wet Diaper President is unhappy.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump, the various toadies and lickspittles in the administration, and his enablers in Congress and in Righty media will crank the slander and distraction up to 11. Expect all kinds of sudden crises to pop up as they try to change the subject (my money’s on homeless transvestite illegal alien drug dealers in MS-13!, with a side bet on chupacabra sightings).

    Richard Nixon was a paranoid loon, but he understood and even, in his peculiar way, respected the processes of government, and abided by decisions made by the other two branches of the federal government.

    Bill Clinton had difficulty keeping his fly zipped, but he understood and respected the processes of government, even though he and his surrogates belittled what the Rs were doing.

    Donald Trump knows nothing and cares less about processes. If he feels cornered, he will do everything in his power to destroy the government in order to save his own skin.

    This is going to get very ugly. (To be clear, starting an impeachment inquiry into Trump was the right decision. It’s just not going to be an easy or dignified process.)


    • stacib23

      Did you see his staff mistakenly sent the talking points (that were supposed to go to the Republicans) to Nancy P. and the Democrats?

      • muselet

        I saw that. Best laugh I’ve had in a while.

        Imagine the havoc Donald Trump could wreak if he were competent (or surrounded himself with competent people).


    • my money’s on homeless transvestite illegal alien drug dealers in MS-13!, with a side bet on chupacabra sightings

      That gave me a much-needed chuckle. Thanks.

  • Nefercat

    his successes at the United Nations General Assembly

    In what universe did this happen?

    • Christopher Foxx

      Same one as every single other one of this “successes”. The one that exists only in his demented mind.

  • simpfan

    I can’t decide if he’s pathetically idiotic or idiotically pathetic.

    • Nefercat


  • mnpollio

    Good! I hope no one is foolish enough to give him one moment of sympathy after what he and his enablers have done and put the country through. And I hope they take Pence down right along with him.

    • Nefercat

      I hope they take Pence down because he is as sleazy as trump, but also because Pelosi would become president.

  • Michael B

    Successes at the UN? The whole world is laughing at you.

  • Username1016

    Twist his tail REALLY HARD in that impeachment vise. We’ve all had enough.

    • Nefercat

      Eww. I’m glad that’s somebody else’s job.