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Trump Threatens to Force a “Good” Government Shutdown

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump called for a government shutdown this morning, but he's not calling for a shutdown this week, he's calling for a shutdown in September.

Trump is reportedly angry because the budget "deal" being passed by Congress this week includes almost everything Democrats could have wanted and virtually nothing that Trump and the GOP asked for. But Trump doesn't truly understand the policy, he's angry because the press is accurately reporting that he and the GOP got nothing out of it. Trump spends a significant portion of every day watching cable news and he doesn't like what he's seeing.

Trump and his budget director, the Edgar-suit wearing lizard Mick Mulvaney, are desperately trying to spin this week's budget agreement as a "win."

According to Mulvaney, Trump beat Democrats "at the very highest level" because Democrats wanted a shutdown.

Mr. Mulvaney said the White House believed Democrats were trying to drive the president to a shutdown and he had resisted.

He beat them on that at the very highest level,” Mr. Mulvaney said on Tuesday. “The real winners were the American people and the president.

If I could insert a fart noise into this post, it would be right here.

Blaming Democrats for a possible shutdown doesn't really work when you're personally calling for a shutdown.

I have my doubts that Mulvaney will still be the budget director by this time next year. Eventually, someone in the White House is going to realize he's a fucking tool. It will probably be the Goldman guys who force him out.

A government shutdown is never "good" for anyone, by the way. It's bad for the economy, it's bad for business, and it's bad for the government. Forcing a shutdown will not increase the likelihood that Trump's agenda will be passed. He is, in effect, threatening to shoot himself.

  • muselet

    As others have pointed out, if Donald Trump wants a shutdown, all he has to do is veto the budget bill. No reason to wait months.

    Trump’s minions have struggled mightily to answer the simple and obvious question: What constitutes a “good ‘shutdown'”? Mick Mulvaney had a go this morning and whiffed:

    Later in the press conference, NBC’s Peter Alexander asked Mulvaney to define what he thought Trump meant by a “good shutdown.”

    “I don’t know,” Mulvaney said, pausing. “We haven’t had one.”

    “But to the extent the President advocated one today, if you wanted to imagine what a good shutdown was, it would be one that fixes this town,” Mulvaney said. “One that drives the message back home to people that it really was as broken as they thought that it was when they voted for Donald Trump, and they trusted him — if that’s what is necessary to do to fix Washington, D.C., that would be a good shutdown.”

    Good grief.


  • Nefercat

    “He is, in effect, threatening to shoot himself.”
    Far be it from me to object to his deal-making brilliance.

  • Christopher Foxx

    He is, in effect, threatening to shoot himself.

    For once, I feel like I can cheer him on.

  • ninjaf

    Yeah, those pesky Democrats with their powerful minority in the House of Representatives and Senate.

    How many times have conservatives barked back at liberals that we had a super majority the first TWO YEARS of Obama’s presidency, so we should have had EVERYTHING we ever wanted on a silver platter?

    It’s kinda fun to sit here and watch them spin their wheels because they can’t govern. Fun, but also a relief because, if they were able to get their act together, their policies would be disastrous.

  • Username1016

    “Blaming Democrats for a possible shutdown doesn’t really work when you’re personally calling for a shutdown.” No, no, silly! You’re not getting it. It’s all about “They MADE me do it!” — a defense used by domestic abusers and six-year-olds.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Gods. “Look what you made me do!”, in any of it’s various forms, is the most ridiculous excuse ever invented.

  • Badgerite