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Trump Cancels His Parade, Blames Local Lawmakers

Written by SK Ashby

CNN first reported last night the Trump's military parade had been delayed by the Pentagon until sometime next year, but Trump abruptly took to Twitter this morning to claim that he "cancelled" it.

In any case, Trump didn't just claim that he cancelled it out of concern for the high costs, he blamed local lawmakers in Washington D.C. for the high costs.

In a report that was leaked to the media yesterday, the Pentagon estimated that Trump's parade would cost at least $92 million, far more than Trump's original estimate of just $12 million. And by their calculations, the bulk of that cost could be attributed to logistics, security, and temporary duty pay for the service members who participate in the parade.

The most you could credibly say is that local officials in D.C. may have provided far higher security costs than the White House originally estimated, but this was Trump's idea. It was going to be his parade. No one else wanted or asked for it. The "local politicians" weren't looking for a "windfall."

By the way, the difference between a $92 million parade and a $12 million parade wouldn't even pay for a single fighter jet. The piece of shit F-35 costs more than $85 million per plane.

Moreover, money for jets has already been appropriated by Congress. The money that would have paid for Trump's parade wouldn't come out of defense program budgets.

Trump has no idea what he's talking about, as usual.