Stupid Party

Trump: Dial 1-800-Idiot for Lindsey Graham

Written by SK Ashby

Shortly after Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump referred to fellow candidate Lindsey Graham as an "idiot" during a speech in South Carolina today, Trump revealed Lindsey Graham's cell phone number in what I assume is a first for a presidential candidate.

I have to admit, Trump has some basis for doing so.

Trump told the crowd that Graham had previously been "begging" for a mention on the Fox News show "Fox & Friends" when the real estate mogul still made regular weekly appearances.

"I wrote the number down! I don't know if it's the right number, but let's try it," Trump said, proceeding to read the 10-digit phone number.

The obvious lesson here is that you shouldn't call Trump a jackass if the jackass has your cell phone number. Trump clearly does not give a fuck what is considered to be proper etiquette or normal behavior.