Trump Excited That Deadly Virus Will “Help” Him

Written by SK Ashby

The coronavirus is popping up in different locations across the country and a wider community spread is starting to look likely if not inevitable, but Trump is apparently convinced it's going to help him.

At the root of Trump's beliefs are his cabinet lackeys and closest advisers who aren't just trying to protect him from bad headlines; they're actively telling him how great things are.

Sources who spoke to the Daily Beast say the word within Trump's inner circle is that their response to the virus has been "terrific" and they're drafting plans to praise Trump while attacking Democrats for the spread of the coronavirus.

During one of the many White House meetings devoted to the coronavirus in the last week, the president joked that his critics would be “so surprised.” The coronavirus outbreak could actually “help, not hurt” Trump in 2020 because of how “terrific” his team’s handling of the public health crisis has been. The president went on to again congratulate and thank officials present for all the work they’ve done, according to two sources with knowledge of the private remarks.

It’s a view that is widely shared—or at least a political attack line largely disseminated—within Trumpworld, as the president’s management of the ongoing crisis has come under intense scrutiny. “While President Trump proactively combats coronavirus, Democrats campaign to curb Americans’ health care access” with their “Bernie Sanders-inspired, socialist health care agenda,” read a mass email sent by the Trump campaign on Monday.

In the past week, President Trump and officials coordinating with the coronavirus task force have quietly strategized how to best strike back against Democratic criticism that the administration has not done enough to respond to the public-health threat, according to The Daily Beast’s two sources, plus a third with direct knowledge of the deliberations.

And this, folks, is how we could end up with a wider epidemic if not a pandemic.

The so-called "leader of the free world" -- the president of the United States -- has assembled a team of remarkable ass-kissers and lickspittles who are telling him that everything is not only okay; everything is "terrific."

But no, things aren't actually "terrific." And it's not their fault, either, they say. If things are not terrific, it's the Democrats' fault!

I was going to call this 'toddler logic' but, I don't know -- my own experience with toddlers is that they're far more honest than this. Sometimes shockingly so.

Suffice to say, the Trump White House is more concerned about the political fallout of the coronavirus rather than the threat to public health and the economy. Threats to the latter only matter to Trump insofar as they're a threat to his political standing. Trump does not actually care about public health. He's not capable of caring about that. He's effectively a lizard.