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Trump Gets The Ultimate Participation Trophy

Written by SK Ashby

Trump likes to say he's already accomplished more than any other president in history.

That's obviously not true for anyone with a pair of eyeballs, a cursory knowledge of history, and a memory capacity that extends beyond the past six months, so why does he say that? Does he really believe he has accomplished more than any other president?

According to White House staffers who spoke to the Daily Beast, Trump says that because that's what they tell him.

White House aides and the president’s advisers say they try to keep him happy by routinely conveying to him that his administration has been a smashing legislative and political success—despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Multiple Trump administration officials detailed to The Daily Beast how senior staffers have a long-standing practice of assuring Trump of the quantity of his major accomplishments (of which he has barely any legislative and some administrative) and of placating him by flagging positive media coverage, typically from right-wing outlets.

I want to say they shouldn't coddle him with participation trophies but, on the other hand, in the back of my head I am reminded that he does control our nuclear weapon arsenal.

The best option would be to not elect an egomaniacal reality TV host in the first place, but this is where we're at.

It's truly remarkable, in the worst possible way, that Trump is utterly incapable of judging his own accomplishments because he doesn't even know what an accomplishment would be.