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Trump Has Monday Morning Meltdown, Doesn’t Know What’s in His Orders

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Trump kicked off the week in his usual fashion this morning with a public Twitter meltdown.

Among other things, Trump directed his ire at his Muslim Ban that's been held up in court for reasons that Trump himself made clear.

There are other problems here, but here's the obvious one: Trump signed it! "They" did not.

He signed the "watered down, politically correct version" of the Muslim Ban which actually isn't politically correct or necessarily watered down. But whatever your opinion of it may be, Trump is the one who signed it.

Here's the other problem:

One of the biggest reasons Trump's ban has been blocked in court is because he keeps calling it a "ban." Both on the campaign trail in 2016, during interviews after his inauguration, and on Twitter at least once a week, Trump refers to it as a "ban."

As Trump himself helpfully points out, "the lawyers" have tried to make the case that it isn't a ban, but it is. Those would be his lawyers, by the way, and they've followed his direction.

Trump also attacked the mayor of London this morning, but that's another topic for later.