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Trump: High Hurricane Maria Death Toll is a Democratic Conspiracy

Written by SK Ashby

The Trump regime has not formally acknowledged that a combination of the hurricane itself and incompetence -- perhaps even indifference -- led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans and that has not changed today even though Trump spent the morning tweeting about it.

Trump more or less called the number fake this morning and he said it's a Democratic conspiracy.

If you're reading this you're probably already aware, but the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, commissioned a study to determine the real death toll because the government was incapable of determining it on their own.

Rosselló was pressured by his own constituents, not Democrats, to commission the study because refusing to acknowledge so many deaths has led to logistical and practical problems not to mention that not acknowledging so many deaths is like some form of mass gaslighting. It's like telling people their losses weren't real.

It's just a few short steps from Sandy Hook trutherism to Hurricane Maria trutherism and we know Trump is a big fan of Alex Jones.