Birthers Election 2016 Racism

Trump Introduced by Birther at Event Where He Blamed Clinton for Birtherism

Written by SK Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump played the cable news networks like the tools they are this morning at his new hotel in Washington D.C. which, as you might have heard, serves spoonfuls of wine for $15 each.

The Trump campaign announced a special event at his hotel where he would finally address his status as a birther, but the event actually turned out to be a 30-minute long infomercial for his hotel, the majority of which was carried live by each cable network, and he didn't apologize for being a birther.

Moreover, Trump was introduced at the event by another birther, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney.

In an affidavit reported [August 30th, 2010] by birther site WorldNetDaily, Thomas McInerney, a retired lieutenant general who now serves as a Fox News military analyst, says that he believes there are "widespread and legitimate concerns that the President is constitutionally ineligible to hold office," and expresses support for an Army officer who is currently awaiting a court-martial for refusing to obey orders from his commanding officers "until the president produces his original birth certificate."

After being introduced by a fellow birther, Trump blamed Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign for starting birtherism, which is a lie. Trump also claimed credit for "finishing" birtherism, and by that he meant he forced President Obama to produce his long-form birth certificate.

In other words, Trump won a trophy for his abject racism.

The traveling press pool was barred from accompanying Trump on the tour of his hotel following the 30-minute infomercial.

Is this why?