Donald Trump

Trump is Preparing for Post-White House Life

Written by SK Ashby

What will Trump do when he's out of office?

I doubt he'll put us all out of our misery by shutting the fuck up and, to that end, sources close to Trump who spoke to the Daily Beast says he's already preparing for life outside the White House by taking notes for a book.

“He sounded excited about it,” said one person who was present last year when the president made comments about writing a memoir. “He said it would sell better than even The Art of the Deal.”

Another source, who is a friend of Trump’s, said the president has casually discussed how such a book could be used to dish dirt and settle scores with his foes in the media, the Democratic Party, non-loyal Republicans, law enforcement, and even individuals in his own administration. Trump, according to this person, noted that this memoir could help “correct” the “fake news” already published in popular books and newspapers, and give him the opportunity to spin a juicy yarn on his time at the heights of power.

I can't say that I necessarily give a shit what Trump does when he's evicted from the White House, but this could be a sign that he's already mentally checking out of the job.

You know, not that he ever checked in.

In any event, sources in the publishing industry who spoke to the Daily Beast say that signing and releasing a Trump book is not necessarily a slam dunk because Trump would likely spoil his own book before it's released and it could be riddled with lies that his publisher will be forced to correct.

I expect a book will be just one way Trump will continue to monetize his time in office when he leaves the White House and his tell-all book of fart jokes will probably be sold alongside red MAGA hats even after he departs the earth. A new grift is born every minute.