Election 2020

Trump Merges Campaign With White House

Written by SK Ashby

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham walked off the job this morning and I couldn't blame anyone who doesn't who she is, despite her prestigious job title, because Grisham held the job for most of a year and never once held a White House press briefing.

In what may be a sign that Trump intends to actually hold briefings in the coming months leading up to the election, he has appointed his campaign spokeswoman as press secretary.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump’s campaign, Kayleigh McEnany, will become the new White House press secretary, CNN reported, in the latest shakeup of the president’s communications office.

The newspaper said McEnany, who was spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee before joining Trump’s re-election team, will take over from Stephanie Grisham. Grisham had only been in the post since June, when she took over from Sarah Sanders.

The White House press shop has always functioned like an arm of Trump's never-ending campaign so, the way I see it, he's just removing the middleman.

Kayleigh McEnany is not just a Trump campaign loyalist; she's also a total nincompoop whose recent highlights include a promise that the novel coronavirus would never arrive in the United States as long as Trump is in the White House.

I would say the White House press corps should feel insulted by her appointment, but they seem to take their licks and just ask for more.