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Trump: Pence is Allowed to Make Mistakes, Clinton Isn’t

One thing Donald Trump's running mate Indiana Governor Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have in common is that they both voted for the Iraq war. Clinton has apologized for making that mistake numerous times but her critics, including Donald Trump, aren't going to let it go that easily.

Ordinarily it may be conflicting to attack an opponent for something your just-chosen running mate is also guilty of, but as far as Trump is concerned it was just a mistake.

You see, mistakes are reserved for men only.

"I don't care," he said during a joint interview with his running mate that aired Sunday night on CBS's "60 Minutes." [...]

"He's entitled to make a mistake every once in a while," Trump said of Pence.

"She's not?" Lesley Stahl asked.

"No. She's not," Trump said.

Unfortunately for Trump, we now have video of him of saying "I don't care" about the Iraq war vote.

During last night's joint 60 Minutes interview, Trump repeated the claim that he opposed the Iraq war from the very beginning, but as you probably know that is a lie. Radio show host Howard Stern asked Donald Trump in 2002 if he supported an invasion of Iraq to which Trump said "Yeah, I guess so."

There is no record of Trump vocally opposing the war before it began.