Trump Picks Bush Cabinet Member for Transportation

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Despot-elect Donald Trump will continue to drain the swamp today by nominating another member of the Bush administration to serve in his cabinet.

Trump has reportedly selected Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Chao to serve as the next secretary of transportation.

Former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao is set to be announced later Tuesday as President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the Department of Transportation, multiple sources familiar with the decision confirmed Tuesday morning.

Chao ran the Labor Department under the George W. Bush administration. She met with the president-elect at Trump Tower last week to discuss labor and transportation policy, according to Trump’s transition team.

Normally I would frown upon referring to someone only by their spousal connection, but I believe that is exactly what Trump is thinking in this case.

It's plausible to me that Trump believes appointing McConnell's wife to his cabinet will pressure McConnell to pass a massive infrastructure spending bill. And I'm not sure he's wrong.

But the idea of Trump and the GOP passing an infrastructure spending bill should not excite liberals or people who've made the obvious observation that infrastructure is crumbling in some areas of the country.

Anything they sign off on will probably be a disaster. The Trump administration will distribute no-bid contracts to cronies who will bilk taxpayers for the maximum amount of money possible while employing the cheapest labor and building materials possible.

And we haven't even gotten to what this all means for our deficit and debt. I'm going to laugh the biggest laugh of all laughs when fake deficit hawk Paul Ryan explodes the deficit back to where it was under Bush.

  • muselet

    My neighbors’ not-quite-four-year-old probably groks transportation as well as Elaine Chao, and as a bonus he hasn’t spent years as a Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

    That said, as Kevin Drum wrote:

    At least Chao is a normal, well-qualified, conservative, choice. If only we could say that about the rest of Trump’s choices.


  • Scopedog

    I’m going to laugh the biggest laugh of all laughs when fake deficit hawk Paul Ryan explodes the deficit back to where it was under Bush.

    I guess it’s the only thing we will be able to do. Of course, I don’t doubt that the media will spin things in a way that blame Obama and claim that Ryan is being “bold” because, you know, deficits don’t matter.

  • It will also be something for them to point to when they want to whine about being called on their racism.

    • ninjaf

      And sexism.

      • Right, sexism too. A twofer. Thank you!