Trump Regime

Trump Plans to Replace Bad Guys With Worse Guys

Written by SK Ashby

Members of Trump's first term cabinet have ranged from the merely incompetent at best to the actively malevolent, but that doesn't mean his second term cabinet couldn't be worse.

If Trump is reelected, Politico reports that Trump is planning to purge a significant portion if not most of his current cabinet, but that doesn't mean he intends to bring in someone better. Trump reportedly plans to bring in more yes-men and sycophants who will say and do whatever he wants.

The shift would amount to a purge of any Cabinet member who has crossed the president, refused to mount investigations he has demanded, or urged him to take a different, more strict tack on the coronavirus response.

The evictions could run the gamut from senior health officials to much of the national security leadership. Already, the White House and administration officials have started to vet names of health care experts who could take over the agencies running many elements of the government’s pandemic response and overseeing the country’s health insurance system, according to two Republicans close to the White House. And the president is eying a remake of leadership at the FBI, CIA and Pentagon, exasperated with what he perceives as unwillingness to investigate his preferred subjects or take on the government’s “deep state.”

The biggest concern here has to be a purge of health care officials given that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic that is now worse than it has ever been. The United States recorded about 100,000 infections on Friday and there's not much reason to think that will be the peak.

It's not as if current officials have done a great job, but replacing people who are at least capable of acknowledging empirical reality means replacing them with people committed to covering it up or dismissing it. It means more infections and more deaths. It means the push for "herd immunity" will become official policy if it isn't already.

I'm sure no one reading this needs another reason to vote against Trump, but this is it. Tomorrow is the last day.

It's pretty clear that Trump also wants to replace Attorney General William Barr even though Barr has thoroughly converted the Justice Department into Trump's own personal policy shop. That's still not good enough for Trump as he demands more naked fascism. Trump is furious that Barr hasn't indicted Hunter Biden for crimes such as owning laptops and watching porn on them.