Trump Quickly Tested In Private While Downplaying Tests For Public

Written by SK Ashby

Trump and his political spokespeople have repeatedly downplayed the need for widescale coronavirus testing in public, but Trump himself apparently can't get tested quickly enough in private.

CNN reported this morning that one of the marines who serves as a White House valet -- people who frequently interact with Trump -- has tested positive for the virus and that prompted Trump to quickly get tested again.

The valets are members of an elite military unit dedicated to the White House and often work very close to the President and first family. Trump was upset when he was informed Wednesday that the valet had tested positive, a source told CNN, and the President was subsequently tested again by the White House physician. [...]

A White House source said the valet, a man who has not been identified, exhibited "symptoms" Wednesday morning, and said the news that someone close to Trump had tested positive for coronavirus was "hitting the fan" in the West Wing.

I would be upset, too, but that's just it, isn't it?

We can infer that Trump is acutely aware of and understands the danger to himself which is why shit is reportedly "hitting the fan" in the White House, but Trump does not appreciate the danger to anyone else.

It's the rest of America that is being asked to reopen without access to the testing that Trump himself relies on in his moments of panic. The vast majority of Americans have no way of knowing if they're carrying the virus.

I don't believe I am carrying it, but I also have no way of knowing for sure. I go out for essential goods twice a week and I wear a mask both times, but that's no guarantee. I won't know for sure until tests are freely available and that may mean never. Trump and his backers would like to skip the whole testing thing and go straight to mass infections and herd immunity.