Trump Raises Rates to Pay Himself For RNC Meeting

Written by SK Ashby

Trump's National Doral hotel in Miami just doubled the rates for even their cheapest rooms and while that would not ordinarily be newsworthy, it is when taxpayers and the Republican National Committee (RNC) is paying for it.

Trump raised rates at his hotel just before announcing that he would personally speak at the RNC's winter meeting at National Doral.

Donald Trump’s plan to address the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting at Trump National Doral next to the Miami airport has been in the works since mid-January, about the same time that the resort raised the nightly rate for its least expensive rooms from $254 to $539.

That higher figure is just under the maximum per-night rate federal government rules permit for a hotel in South Florida, and is triple the normal “per diem” rate employees are supposed to follow.

The White House would not reveal how much Trump’s Secret Service agents or other members of his “advance” team are paying for the days prior to his visit.

I know the next president is going to have an enormous pile of things to deal with after Trump, but ethics reform has to make the list of priorities.

And it should be a slam dunk in Congress, right? Are Republicans in the first session of Congress after Trump going to oppose legislation making it more difficult for the current and future presidents to profit from taxpayers while in office?

This has to be a priority because it will discourage the next Trump wannabe from running for president. It could discourage the next literal Trump, meaning Don Jr. or Ivanka.