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Trump Says He’ll Release ISIS to Own The Libs

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Thousands of fighters captured during the campaign against the so-called Islamic State are being held in camps and prisons in Syria and at least some of those fighters traveled to the region from countries in Europe; countries that Trump wants to send them back to.

For complicated reasons, shipping them back to their home countries is not a simple process, but if they don't make it simpler soon, Trump says he'll release the prisoners.

Using Germany as a specific example when he spoke to reporters this morning, Trump said he will release prisoners on their border.

“If they won’t take them back, we’re going to probably put them at their border and they’re going to have to capture them again,” Trump told reporters on Friday during a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the White House.

Germany is one example, he said.

“They have to make their decision, otherwise we are releasing them at the border,” Trump said.

It's so obvious it almost feels like a cliche to say it, but seriously -- can even imagine the response if President Obama said something like this?

Fox News would already be accusing Obama of being a member of ISIS.

I don't believe Trump actually will release ISIS prisoners into the wild because neighboring countries would definitely have something to say about that, but the American President is saying he will and that alone is truly insane.

  • muselet

    Sweet mother of pearl.

    I thought I’d become inured to Donald Trump’s idiocy, but it seems I was wrong.

    I suppose what happened is someone showed Trump how much it costs to hold a prisoner, and his inner cheapskate came to the fore, but what in the sphincter of Hell makes Trump think pissing off allies will improve anything?

    I’m rapidly becoming convinced Trump is not only one of the stupidest men ever to draw breath, he’s actively evil.


    • Christopher Foxx

      I thought I’d become inured to Donald Trump’s idiocy, but it seems I was wrong.

      I envy you.

  • waspuppet

    Because he doesn’t know how to do anything but inflict his will on people to their misery. That’s how you get “respect” in his mind.