Trump Sets a New Record… for Golf Cart Rentals

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

According to American Bridge and USA Today, the Secret Service just spent a record amount of money on golf cart rentals last week.

Anticipating that Trump will take more money trips to the golf course, the Secret Service has signed a contract to rent golf carts for the next 8 months.

According to federal purchase orders flagged by the progressive PAC American Bridge and reviewed by USA TODAY, the agency paid $61,960 in a Sept. 29 contract to rent golf carts at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida.

That's the biggest purchase order for golf carts so far. It comes in a contract that will extend through May 28, 2018. The agency signed contracts for golf carts at Trump's clubs as early as February, but they never exceeded about $18,000 – and only lasted for one month at a time.

Just like their previous rentals, the Secret Service essentially paid Trump for this. They're technically his golf carts as they belong to the Trump Organization.

Our Republican Congress still hasn't appropriated funds to pay Secret Service agents who've already passed the overtime pay cap while babysitting Trump on the golf course.