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Trump Tells Obvious Lie About Trumpcare

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

We know Trump personally threatened Republican congressmen who refused to vote for Trumpcare, but you don't have to take my word for it. Members of the Freedom Caucus and the moderate Tuesday Group told reporters that he threatened them, but you don't have to take their word for it either. Trump himself threatened specific members of Congress in a series of public tweets last week.

With all of that said, Trump told the Financial Times that he never wanted them to hold a vote.

"You know that we didn’t take a vote," Trump said in an interview with the Financial Times. "I didn’t want to take a vote. It was my idea. I said why should I take a vote." [...]

"Yeah, I don’t lose. I don’t like to lose," Trump told the Financial Times. "But that wasn’t a definitive day. They are negotiating as we speak. I don’t know if you know. They are negotiating right now. There was no reason to take a vote."

This is really the perfect lie for Trump to tell because his own supporters attacked members of Congress and Speaker Paul Ryan for not holding a vote, but Trump says he didn't actually want them to vote.

Pretty much everyone comes out looking a horse's ass when they work with Trump. He regularly gaslights his own supporters who may not even be sure what positions of his they should defend lest he change his story the following day or even the following hour.

Trump may not "like to lose," but he has lost quite a bit since taking office. His Muslim ban has been blocked so many times in so many different courts I actually lost count.

It occurs to me that by back-tracking on his threats, Trump has ensured that his next round of threats will be ignored.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Headline: “Trump Tells Obvious Lie About __Trumpcare__

    Really, you could fill that blank with anything.

  • What would it take to make Herr Drumpf admit the truth…more than a flesh wound I suspect.

  • Aynwrong

    Trump telling lies this blatant and obvious tells you exactly what you need to know about him, his most passionate supporters and the rest of the GOP’s voters. They simply don’t care. It doesn’t matter in any way to them that the man they voted for lies relentlessly. What it tells you about him is that he knows this.

    I have to wonder if after 30 of Rush and 20 years of Fox if lying hasn’t become something of a value unto itself for Conservative voters.

    • “…if lying hasn’t become something of a value unto itself for Conservative voters”

      That is certainly true insofar as lying irritates and confuses Liberals. But it also lets the liar start any political conversations from a viewpoint that is advantageous to their pre-determined position. And I think it fits in with the way they think as ideologues.

  • muselet

    The LA Times is two editorials into a four-part series about Donald Trump’s inability to tell the truth (the Times this morning calls it “an apparent disregard for fact so profound as to suggest that he may not see much practical distinction between lies, if he believes they serve him, and the truth”).

    Given Trump’s habitual (reflexive?) lying, that he would tell porkies about the fate of RepubliCare is unsurprising. Lying about such a humiliation salves his wounded ego, and maybe makes him seem less of a loser in the eyes of his fans (who, incidentally, have inundated the LAT with angry, semi-coherent emails about calling Trump dishonest). The rest of us, he doesn’t care about.

    Having a toddler as president sure is fun, isn’t it?


    • I know you’re not a fan of the LA Times but I really enjoyed reading their editorial evisceration of Herr Hair.

      • muselet

        I’m enough of a fan of the Times to subscribe. I just remember the Otis Chandler days and weep to see what the paper has become.

        This is one of the moments to cheer what the paper still can do.


    • Christopher Foxx

      (who, incidentally, have inundated the LAT with angry, semi-coherent emails about calling Trump dishonest)

      “How dare you point out the Emperor is naked. How dare you! Wah, wah, wah.”

      Those people are seriously damaged.

      • muselet

        Yeah, that’s pretty much the tone. Well, that and weird comparisons to Barack Obama’s supposed dishonesty (?).