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Trump: The 9/11 Memorial Reminded Me of My Own Wall

Written by SK Ashby

Any semi-normal person who visits the 9/11 memorial wall in Pennsylvania may experience a wide range of emotions ranging from sadness to anger, but Donald Trump is not a normal or even semi-normal person.

If Trump experienced any emotion during his visit to the memorial, it was pleasure at the thought of building his fantasy border wall.

"They built this gorgeous wall where the plane went down in Pennsylvania, Shanksville. And I was there. I made the speech. And it's sort of beautiful, what they did is incredible," he said. "They have a series of walls, I'm saying, it's like perfect. So, so, we are pushing very hard."

In related news, Trump told reporters from The Hill that he'll be signing an executive order on immigration in the comings weeks, the details of which are vague at best.

It's possible he won't sign anything. He may have just made that up.