Election 2020

Trump to Congressional Republicans: You’re Coming With Me

Written by SK Ashby

Things don't look good for Trump right now, but they look just as bad if not worse for Senate Republicans who are distantly trailing in several key races.

Some Republicans may have considered running away from Trump to save their own political lives in November, but Trump personally warned them not to.

Politico reports that if Trump goes down, he's determined to take them with him.

Joined by top aides, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump put Senate Republicans on notice: Running away from him would only trigger a revolt by his loyalists.

“If they don’t embrace, they’re going to lose, because, you know, I have a very hard base. I have the strongest base people have ever seen,” said Trump, who met with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week to discuss the party’s prospects in key Senate races.

This is amusing in a "you hate to see it" kind of way, but this is what truly made me laugh:

Trump is keenly aware of how he stacks up against other Republicans on the ballot this fall. At one point during the interview, White House Political Director Brian Jack handed the president a document showing how he had fared better in several primaries this spring than a handful of Republican senators he shared the ballot with in their home states. Included on the chart was North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents up for reelection this November. While Tillis received 78 percent in the state's March primary, Trump got 94 percent, it noted.

"Wow, that’s great in North Carolina, huh?" Trump remarked as he looked over the sheet.

Trump pointed toward his victory in the party's uncontested presidential primary as a sign that he's more electable than some senators.

He truly is dumber than dogshit and I wish all of them the worst possible outcome in the election.