Trump Vows To End DACA In A Second Term

Written by SK Ashby

I think everyone knows how high the stakes are in the next election, but Trump will make it increasingly clear the more he talks about all the horrible things he will do if reelected.

The Supreme Court did not necessarily say the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is constitutional, only that the Trump regime did not follow proper procedure when making their plans to end it.

Trump said this morning that they'll make new plans.

In a tweet Friday morning, Trump said, “The Supreme Court asked us to resubmit on DACA, nothing was lost or won. They “punted” much like in a football game (where hopefully they would stand for our great American Flag). We will be submitting enhanced papers shortly.” [...]

Ken Cuccinelli, acting head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said Friday that the administration was starting over. “We’re going to move as quickly as we can to put options in front of the president,” but those are executive branch options, he told “Fox & Friends.”

Trump said they'll submit a new plan "shortly," but it won't be that short. Proving even to lower federal courts that they got it right on the second try will take time and it will take even longer to work its way through another appeals process and through the Supreme Court.

Trump did not explicitly say this what he'll do if he's reelected for a second term, but that's how long it will take. This should be seen and covered as a campaign promise.

We can ensure that none of this happens by electing Joe Biden in November. Democrats can ensure we never have to worry about it again by electing a Democratic majority to the Senate that is willing to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform and put the issue to rest.

If Trump is reelected, he'll probably have a chance to replace at least one if not two Supreme Court justices and that would give conservatives a clear majority on the court even if Chief Justice John Roberts sides with the liberals on the biggest cases.