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Trump Wants More Nukes

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Why did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refer to Trump as a "moron?"

Virtually everything that comes out of Trump's mouth is moronic in one way or another so it was anyone's guess, but according to NBC News, Tillerson called him a "moron" (or "fucking moron" according to some reports) because he wants to build thousands more nuclear weapons.

Trump's lunacy was reportedly triggered by a chart that compares our current nuclear arsenal to our arsenal in the 1960s when we had over 31,000 warheads.

Trump’s comments, the officials said, came in response to a briefing slide he was shown that charted the steady reduction of U.S. nuclear weapons since the late 1960s. Trump indicated he wanted a bigger stockpile, not the bottom position on that downward-sloping curve. [...]

The July 20 meeting was described as a lengthy and sometimes tense review of worldwide U.S. forces and operations. It was soon after the meeting broke up that officials who remained behind heard Tillerson say that Trump is a “moron.”

Tillerson and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were forced to explain to Trump that the nuclear weapons we possess today are exponentially more powerful than the weapons of 1960 and that our current arsenal is more than enough to end life as we know it.

They also reportedly explained that building more nuclear weapons would violate several international treaties, but I don't expect Trump gives a damn about that.

Building the kind of arsenal Trump wants would also probably cost trillions of dollars but, you know, those are just details.